A Brief Guide To Local SEO in Singapore

When running a small business, the first thing you should do is attract customers within proximity. These customers are perhaps the most vital aspect of your business since they can help you boost sales and spread word of mouth about your establishment. In that case, consider launching a local SEO campaign in Singapore.

Local SEO is the process of optimising your online presence to increase your local search rankings and attract potential customers within the proximity of your location. With a successful local SEO campaign, you can let search engines like Google and Bing target your website based on relevant local search results.

For example, optimising your website for local SEO in Singapore should allow it to appear on search engine results pages (SERP) based on relevant keywords, specifically ones targeting your location. Since your establishment is in Singapore, keywords including the word “Singapore” should allow your website to appear on related SERPs.

Achieving a high local search ranking can help your online presence grow in a matter of weeks or months. To do so, you need to manage an effective local SEO campaign in Singapore and promote your business to the right audience, mainly local customers. However, doing so could take some time, even if you outsource your local SEO services to a digital marketing agency.

Fortunately, this brief guide to local SEO will show you what it takes to create a successful campaign. Check out this guide to know everything about creating a local SEO campaign in Singapore.


Before launching a campaign, you should understand the fundamentals of local SEO first.

Local SEO is almost the same as organic SEO. The only difference is that the goal is to target local search results, as opposed to gaining higher SEO rankings. While that may be the case, local SEO can still boost your search engine rankings for better web visibility altogether, not just for local search results.

By optimising your website for local SEO in Singapore, you can reach potential customers who might be interested in your business. Improving your local SEO capabilities can do just that if you know how to improve your local search rankings.

For instance, imagine owning a coffee shop in Little India. If you wish to improve your local SEO rankings, create a marketing campaign that will help you reach targeted customers based near your establishment. Not only that, but anyone using Google or Bing to look for a coffee shop in Little India could see your website on the SERP.

With a high local SEO ranking in Singapore, your online presence can soar to greater heights. However, improving your local SEO will depend on a few factors that will affect your web visibility on local search results.



Mobile SEO is the act of optimising your website for mobile devices. Doing so will not just affect your local SEO ranking but also your web visibility and online presence overall. It comes as no surprise since search engines encourage websites to become more mobile-friendly than ever.

Most people who are searching for relevant results on Google are more likely to use mobile devices. In that case, make sure your website is mobile-friendly to improve your local SEO rankings and strengthen your overall online presence.

Optimising your website for mobile users in Singapore will benefit your SEO, web design capabilities, and how people will perceive your brand. Make sure your site is optimal across all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.  In doing so, you will provide visitors with a user-friendly experience whenever they are exploring your website while using any device.


Prove to Google and Bing that your business is a reputable and well-known establishment in your local community. To do so, encourage your customers to post reviews and seek citations from other establishments!

For example, you could run a Google My Business (GMB) profile and encourage your customers to post reviews. In doing so, their feedback will appear on your GMB profile and improve your local SEO web visibility. As a result, the most trustworthy reviews of your business will show up alongside your GMB profile on local search results.


As mentioned earlier, optimising your website for local SEO in Singapore will allow you to reach people searching for results on Google or Bing that are relevant to your business and its location. To optimise your website for local SEO, you need to use relevant keywords that will help you generate leads and earn clicks.

Let us use the same example earlier, where you are the sole owner of a coffee shop in Little India. In that case, you can use local keywords such as:

  • Coffee shop in Little India
  • Coffee in Singapore
  • Cafe Little India
  • Coffee services in Little India

Notice how the keywords are relevant to your business and location? Use these keywords for your local SEO campaign and achieve a better online presence on local search results. Search engines will have a much easier time letting your website appear on SERPs, as long as you use relevant keywords.


Based on the three factors mentioned earlier, you have to optimise your website for mobile devices and utilise local keywords to improve your local SEO rankings. However, doing so is easier said than done. What does it take for you to improve your local SEO in Singapore anyway?

For starters, you could create content for your website and utilise relevant keywords. A blog is an excellent example of how you can improve your local SEO. When creating a blog post, always include a few local keywords to make sure your web page will appear on relevant SERPs.

Also, consider getting more citations from reputable sites to establish your credibility for search engines. Google and Bing appreciate it when a website has high-quality backlinks from authoritative names, so keep that in mind creating a local SEO campaign.

These are just some of the ways that you can do to improve your local SEO rankings in Singapore. For better chances of success, consider outsourcing your SEO services in Singapore.