Four Inexpensive Ideas for Backyard Landscaping

Looking for creative, modern, yet pocket-friendly backyard landscaping North Salt Lake ideas? There are lots of things you can do, with a hillside, and your garden. Here are some basics to rev you up.

A Hillside to Conquer

Despite the odds seemingly presented by sloping landscaping on your property in North Salt Lake, those who have the eye for unique, impactful designs see it as an oasis of opportunities – for family and friends gatherings parties most especially.

Here’s the best spot for sheltered seating, for instance – one that is arranged encircling a fire pit or one that is square-shaped if you so desire. The seats can be made of wood, or you can have stone benches. Don’t forget the lights to provide illumination on a dark, moonless night.
Alongside that nice family gathering spot, you can build a wooden frame whereon it is a slide for children to play near you. At the lower end of that slide, you can put a kiddie pool. On the top, you can use sprinklers attached to a pipe for water supply.

Ornamental Plants for the Garden

Perennials are budget-friendly and even free if you have a kind neighbor who already has those. Great perennials for landscaping include:
-Kangaroo paw

You have two different approaches when landscaping with flowers. You may combine these colorful perennials or settle for a one-color floral garden.

There are endless plant ideas you can incorporate into North Salt Lake landscaping, such as making sure your views are “always” filled with dazzling flowers all year-round. Along with the perennials (plants that naturally grow year after year), you can also annual plants that are planted and only live for one season.

Connecting Points of Interest with a Walkway

You want everybody to have a great experience while in your backyard landscaping in North Salt Lake, and one of the ways to help achieve that is by building walkways that can help them easily navigate from one spot to another.

This also shouldn’t put a heavy dent in the budget. Think of creating attractive walkways using crushed stone, natural flagstone, decorative brick, or gravel.

With these paths in place, you avoid trampling down the lawn. Many home backyards are covered with dead grass between the patio, the fire pit, and the garden because of trampling the grass. Again, incorporate lighting ideas to illuminate sidewalks and steps for safety and showcase your landscaping focal points.

Plant Grasses in Clusters

Now that you have included pathways to your landscaping, it is easy to put in ornamental grass. You can have a one-type approach for the entire area, different grasses, or even place different types of grasses in combination with perennials for a year-round garden.

Great ornamental grasses that do not break the budget:
-Little bluestem
-Fountain grass
-Feather reed grass
-Blue oat grass

These are pocket-friendly, low maintenance landscaping approaches in North Salt Lake to beautify your backyard. People who have a flair for designs know how to manipulate things to create an overall impression of grandeur even with the cheapest materials.

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