How to Become a Better Pet Parent?

Becoming a pet parent can be extremely exciting and anxious at the same time. Even though they are not our flesh and blood, we want to show them to others so they would know how cute and fuzzy they are.

But before that day comes, there are new challenges in life that a pet parent like you would face. Make sure you are ready at all times so you would not be in a panic if something happens, and you would be able to solve the problem when it arises.

To guarantee that you will become a better pet parent than the rest, you better take note and follow these tips. They will let you know when it is the right time to apply flea and tick spray on your pet’s fur and many other things about pet care.


Whether you recently adopted or bought a pet, make sure you provide them with a safe and loving place they could call home. Just like you, animals also want a spot where they could rest and fall asleep without worrying about their surroundings.

Before you welcome your new fur friend, build a nest for them. They would surely love it if you added a comfy bed and blanket that could keep them warm and cosy at night.


To ensure your pet is healthy, you should measure out their meals. As a result, they would not overeat, and you would be able to control their diet.

Of course, to guarantee your pet is getting enough nutrients, you should also invest in an immune booster. With this, their bones and muscles remain strong, and they would not get sick quickly.

Just make sure before you buy anything from wholesale pet supplies distributors in Singapore, you have taken your pet to the vet and ask them what your fur friend needs.


Yes, but only if your relatives and friends do not have a pet of their own. You should know that your beloved pet also has to make a bond with other animals so they would not feel lonely. That is why when you have time, join a pet parent group online and ask them when their pet could play with your furry friend.

Once you schedule a playdate, pamper and prepare them. You could start by applying enough moisturizer for dogs or cats so their coat would shine. As such, they would look great and ready to play.



Apart from minding their diet, you should also add exercise into their routine. That way, your pet would remain physically and mentally active. Just make sure before you take them for a walk or run, apply an ample amount of flea and tick spray on their fur. Doing this will protect them from parasites, and they would not persistently scratch themselves.

How long do I need to exercise with my pet?

As a rule of thumb, thirty minutes to two hours of exercise is the healthy workout duration for dogs and cats. Just make sure to bring some water along with you so they could quench their thirst after a walk or run.



To make sure your pet would not bite anyone once you introduce them to others, you should teach them good manners by training them. Do this by applying a reward system to your pet training. Also, make sure your voice is not as sound so they would not feel scared.

When offering rewards, only give a small snack, so nothing gets in the way of their diet and health. If you have no idea how giving snacks works, you can ask the vet to teach you.


Besides applying an ample amount of flea and tick spray on their fur, you should also wrap an ID collar on their neck. Doing so would help you find your beloved pet quickly when they get lost during your walk or run.

To make that happen, make sure to do this to their ID collar.

  • Aside from your pet’s name, make sure to add yours and your contact information.
  • Also, consider making their ID collar a nylon colour so people would see them quickly, even at night.
  • If you have enough funds, you could also attach a microchip on their skin so you could track their location via GPS.


Another way to guarantee they would not hurt anybody or themselves, you should learn how to trim their nails. That way, even if you have no time to go to the vet, their claws are not as sharp as a knife.


A good pet parent would always take their pet to the vet. But if you do not have much time on your busy schedule, an annual check-up would do. Just make sure before you go to their appointment, you already wrote down your questions and prep your pet for their vet visit.



Since anything can happen, you should always be ready. As a pet parent, you should have enough first aid kits at home and in your car so you could treat your pet when they injure themselves. With this, their wound would get better in no time because of your first aid treatment.

Be a Smart Pet Parent!

To become one, you have to be mindful of what you do and what you don’t do. You should know that your actions can affect the life and health of your pet.

That is why before you do anything, think again. Would it do good or harm for your pet? Once you have already weighed the pros and cons and find the right thing to do, proceed with your plan. By then, you would know that the pet eye drops you have used for them are the best, along with other pet care.

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