Must-Have Apps When Travelling

When travelling, there’s a plethora of apps out there that can help make your trip less stressful. Whether you’re a first-time traveller or an experienced traveller, there’s sure to be an app for you. However, while these apps can help, try not to think too much when travelling.

After all, you are there to have a good time! It’s important to remember to enjoy yourself when you travel, and let the days unfold naturally without a tight itinerary. This will help you avoid stress and ensure you’re having the best possible experience.

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most useful apps for travellers to have. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers 108 languages that can be translated in real-time using text or photos.

Travellers can also use handwriting translation (drawing text on the screen rather than typing) in 95 languages. It can also translate words and phrases from a camera image in 90 languages.

In addition, Google Translate offers instant camera translation for reading restaurant menus, hotel menus and street signs. Simply tap the ‘Camera’ icon on the home screen and point your phone camera at anything you want to translate. The app then displays the word or phrase on the screen, and you can hear it spoken aloud.


BlaBlaCar is a long-distance carpooling app that connects travellers looking for rides in the same direction with drivers who have seats empty. It’s a win-win for everyone.

To get started, visit blablacar’s website or phone application and fill out your profile with information like your name, age, and contact details. Then, add a short bio and ‘preferences’ section that helps you compare potential drivers.

Once you’ve found a driver, book your ride using BlaBlaCar’s mobile application and pay in your new currency (which will be the one you’re travelling to). Once the ride is complete, leave your driver a review discussing your experience.

As far as safety goes, BlaBlaCar has a rating system that shows how well each driver is rated by passengers. The company also monitors communication and ride listings to ensure that drivers and passengers are communicating effectively.


If you’re looking to relax or work in a premium lounge while travelling, LoungeBuddy is a great option. It’s easy to use and lets you filter lounges based on their amenities. For example, you can search for a lounge that has showers or a conference room.

Once you’ve located a lounge that suits your needs, you can purchase access directly from the app using an American Express credit card. The service is available in over 800 of the busiest airports worldwide, and offers detailed information on each lounge, including hours, reviews, ratings, photos, and guest privileges.

Depending on which airline and class of ticket you have, you may be entitled to complimentary or free access to some lounges. You can find out what your options are in the LoungeBuddy app by adding your itinerary and any elite statuses, memberships or credit cards you have.


Omio, formerly known as GoEuro is a one-stop shop for booking trains, buses and flights. The platform aggregates results from all major transport companies across Europe. All you have to do is input your destination and departure time and it will then show you a list of all the options that are available for you.

It also allows you to search for the cheapest journey times and prices. The website is easy to navigate and the app is available in multiple languages. The service also offers reliable client service, so you can rest assured that your bookings will be safe. Another benefit of this app is that it has a great travel database that covers every country in Europe. It even includes local transport that you can book in advance.


Those are just a few examples of some great apps to take with you when travelling. However, there are many more including a VPN migliori, activity trackers, and restaurant locators that will also prove useful.