Pros and Cons of wall-to-wall carpets

It is a difficult and exciting process to choose the best flooring for the home. When it comes to popular flooring options, wall-to-wall carpets are among them. For quite some time this type of carpet was considered as an old fashioned flooring. Now, this is not like that. Wall-to-wall carpets have recently made a great come back in the carpet industry. If you are renovating the house or constructing the new house then you can go with wall-to-wall flooring to decorate the floor. Today, wall-to-wall carpets are available in different and new styles, designs, colors and patterns that can be fit easily in any traditional, modern and contemporary settings. For those people who love carpets, wall-to-wall carpets can be proved as an “old is gold” flooring option for them. These carpets add a pleasant and elegant look to the home. Some people think that the wall-to-wall carpets are less useful than modern flooring options. It is wrong to say that. Every flooring has many right sides and bad sides. No doubt, there are many advantages of wall-to-wall carpets but everything has some disadvantages and wall-to-wall carpets are no exception.

Pros of wall-to wall carpeting

You can decor the home in less cost

Although, many homeowners install hardwood floors and tiles but, these are expensive flooring options and not everyone can afford them. So why not cover the floor with the lovely wall-to-wall carpets, which are available at reasonable prices. By doing this, there will be no need to bear the burden of expensive flooring as they will cover the whole floor. It is a very cost-effective and easiest way to enhance the beauty of the home.

Improve the quality of air

Wall-to-wall carpets play an important role in improving the quality of the air. Those who are suffering from allergy or asthma can place the carpets in the home to make the air clean. The carpets reduce the airborne allergens and increase the healthy atmosphere of the room. In dirty carpets, allergic reactions happen. Make sure that the carpet is properly clean. Otherwise, it can affect your health.

Peace of mind

Wall-to-wall carpets provide peace of mind as they are environmentally friendly. Where it is difficult to sit on the plain and hard floor, you can even comfortably lie on the wall-to-wall carpets. Whether you are barefoot or in slippers, you will feel their softness. They also reduce the noise in the home because they absorb sound. In the cold season, these carpets will provide warmth to the room and they will make the room temperature ideal, without the use of the heater.


Wall-to-wall carpets are available in a lot of designs, colors, patterns and themes. You can easily get the carpet that matches the theme of the home or that set better in the decor of the home. To give the more unique look to the floor, you can also avail customization service from any well-reputed brand. By customization, you can print any logo or pattern in any color on the carpets.


Cons of wall-to-wall carpeting


Lack of Durability

Wall-to-wall carpets are not a good choice for every area and room of the home. They can be installed only in less traffic areas. The reason is that they are less strong and durable. They can get scratches and damage soon. So if you want to purchase them then try to install these carpets in a low foot traffic area.

High Maintenance and Difficult to Clean

Wall-to-wall carpets require high maintenance and care. Regular vacuuming is compulsory to eliminate dirt and dust particles.  Spills and stains are the worst enemies of these carpets. They are not like small rugs or carpets, which can be taken outside for the cleaning. They are big carpets which are difficult to maintain and clean.

Impossible to repair

The big disadvantage of wall-to-wall carpets is that they can not be repaired. In case of tile, if the scratch appears on the floor you can change the old tile with new tile. But, in this case, the situation is totally different. You can not repair the affected area and the result will be that you have to replace the whole carpet.